Spring Cleaning

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Spring Cleaning

As the weather starts to turn warmer, the days get a bit longer, and the sun starts shining through spotted windows, our thoughts turn to – Spring Cleaning!

This time honored tradition of freshening up our homes can certainly feel like more of a chore than a clean start. Use these tips to put a spring into your step during the process:

Tackle one task at a timeThere’s no rule that says that Spring Cleaning has to happen in one or two days. Instead, sort the chores into smaller chunks to make the task manageable. Doing one task at a time will give you a sense of instant accomplishment! Post a pretty list on the fridge and mark off items as they are done.


Get your cleaning game onInvolve children in the Spring Cleaning fun by turning it into a game. Create tickets for each chore, and allow kids to choose one from a bowl. Challenge them to race to the finish – whoever can complete their tasks first wins a small treat or extra privilege. Just be careful to emphasis that quality matters!

Clear the clutterUse the rule of thumb that you should have “nothing in your house that is not useful or beautiful.” Label bins with Recycle, Donate, and Toss – then get to work sorting! I like to schedule this task for a weekend. I’ll turn some music on, and focus on clearing a room at a time. At the end of the day, reward yourself by ordering a pizza (fewer dishes to clean!)


Leave each room prettier than you found it. Aim to add a touch of spring to each room. Freshen up photos, add a few flowers, or toss in a few brightly color pillows. Remember that cleaning doesn’t have to equal sterile – you can think of clearing clutter as a way to make room for a new look. It isn’t even necessary to buy new things – look at what you already have with fresh eyes. Stack a few pretty books on a table, frame a favorite quote, or tie back curtains with pretty ribbons.

Organize for upkeepKeeping your house sparkling & shiny means stashing cleaning supplies in convenient places. Rather than using a central closet, I like to keep baskets in each main room. That way, I can do small tasks each day – wipe down a counter while talking on the phone, or quickly cleaning a mirror while brushing my teeth. Create pretty tags for baskets of supplies that you’ll love to use!