Take More Pictures

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Take More Pictures

Taking photos has become second-nature to me.

I’m dutiful about taking my camera to kid’s sporting events, school activities, and holiday celebrations. I even manage to snap pics of favorite foods, craft projects, and cute outfits. Despite all of this clicking, I sometimes wish that I had an easy way to track the must-have photos for each month of the year. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take more pics, check out these ideas for organizing your picture taking prompts-

Schedule your Photo Ops

Use Google Calendar to schedule photos throughout the month. Google allows the option of color coding your calendar entries, so you can choose a color to dedicate to your photo ideas. Adding the photo as an appointment ensures that you get a reminder on the day that the photo is due.

Create Crafty Reminders


Rolodex files – change tabs to months, and write a photo prompt on each card. The benefit of using rolodex cards is that you can move repeating prompts to the next month. For example, you may want to include a self-portrait and a family portrait every month.


Tag book – especially useful if you carry your camera bag with you often. You can use a binder clip to attach this tag book to your bag.


Office décor – use a small frame or easel to feature each month’s photo list. You’ll be more likely to complete each month’s list if you have daily visual reminder! (Tip – to create sparkling snowflakes, punch from cardstock, then spray with adhesive. Sprinkle glitter onto punched shape while adhesive is still wet.)


Participate in Challenges

Photo challenges are abundant on the internet. Whether you want to target a photo-a-day, 12 per month, or photos timed to children’s milestones – you’re sure to find a list of photo ideas with a quick search. One advantage of participating in challenges is having a group of people motivating you – think of it as working out with a buddy, but using your camera!

Feature your Photos

Taking a lot of photos can quickly fill up your hard drive, and leave you wondering “now what?”

Start the year with a plan – choose your favorite photos from each month & move them to a favorites folder. At the end of year, have a photo book printed that includes all of these pics.

Create a layout each month that highlights your photos. Many photo editing programs come with an option to print multiple photos in contact sheet format – doing so allows you to include dozens of photos on one layout.

Invest in a digital photo frame to easily sync your photo display. You’ll be even more motivated to keep clicking when you can see the results of your efforts.

Need even more ideas on how to use your photos? Check in with Fiskars.com every month to see how our designers are getting crafty with photos and Fiskars tools!