Dream Big Canvas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Dream Big Canvas

Making an art piece that is large in scale can be intimidating at first. Here I’ll walk you through some simple ideas on creating a mixed media canvas. You won’t even need a paintbrush!

The first step is to cover the entire canvas with color. You can prime your canvas first thoroughly and let it dry if you want to. I mixed my priming stage here and covered the canvas with gesso and acrylic paints all at once. I used an old gift card as my tool to smooth the paint all over the canvas. This mixes the paint on the canvas and gives a nice artistic look.

Dream Big Canvas painted canvas

Next, to add a pop of color I used a stencil and some bright orange paint in three different areas of the canvas. You will need to let the canvas dry for a while or use a heat gun to speed the drying process after this.

Dream Big Canvas circle stencil with orange paint

To add dimension to the canvas, I used the AdvantEdge™ Border Punch as a stencil and added a thick layer of embossing paste. I love the texture that embossing paste brings to the canvas!

Dream Big Canvas punched paper as a stencil

This step here, this is the one that was really scary for me. I used my gesso bottle as a dispenser and simply squeezed the gesso onto the canvas. It’s kind of like using a mustard bottle. I figured, if I didn’t like how the gesso looked, I could always wipe it all off. But I loved how it created a bold design and left it as is.

Dream Big Canvas doodling with gesso

Next, I created a paper collage of sorts using different bits of patterned papers, stickers and letters. I simply trimmed my papers using the Amplify® Mixed Media
Shears and layered these papers onto the canvas. I added a few embellishments here and there.

Dream Big Canvas adhering trimmed paper

Finally, I added my title. The letters I had were pink in color and missing the letter “G”. I carefully cut a “C” and a “T” to make my G and used my finger to apply paint onto the letters.

Dream Big Canvas painted letters

And that’s it! See how easy it can be to create a mixed media canvas?

Dream Big Canvas finished

Supply List


Acrylic paints


Old credit card






Embossing paste