Duck Fabric Tape® Wired Flowers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Duck Fabric® Tape Wired Flowers

Currently, whimsical wired flowers are on trend, so why not make a few to hang at home or in your office?

Duck Fabric Tape® works  perfectly for wrapping wire easily and adds a fabric texture that really sets them off!

Fiskars Duck Scissors cutting Duck Fabric Tape

Begin by cutting thin strips from the tape, divided into three equal strips. Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors are a must-have for cutting tape without gunking up the blades!

Using wire cutters (Fiskars® Cuts+More™ Scissors or Fiskars® Shopboss™ Hardware Snips) cut five equal lengths of thick wire. You can make your flowers any size. For these, layer two different sized flowers together for added dimension, with the two wire sets measuring 25 and 20 inches. It’s good to work with a size easily divisible by five since there are five petals.

Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors cutting Duck Fabric

 Wrap each wire with the fabric tape strips, winding them at an angle and trim excess with Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors.

Duck Fabric Tape wrapped around wire

 Bend each wire into five equal parts as shown. The grid of a craft mat works well for quickly measuring the sections. 

Duck Fabric Tape Wire Flower creating the flower

 Bend each section into a petal shape. You can round or square off the petals for a different look.

Duck Fabric Tape Wire Flower creating the flower

Continue with each section until all petals are formed. Create another small flower in the same manner to layer on top for added dimension. Tie the two flowers together using string to stabilize. 

Duck Fabric-Wire-Flowers-Assembled

 Tie on a button at the center and bend petals randomly for a whimsical look to complete.

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