Happiness for the Home Frame

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Happiness for the Home Frame

The simplicity of the design on this letterpress plate makes it the perfect accompaniment to white cardstock for creating a soft, elegant framed collage.

  1. Begin by trimming an inch off one side of the full size sheet of patterned paper. If there is a uniform pattern to the paper, cut 1/2 inch off each side to keep the pattern centered.
  2. Cut a strip of solid colored 11" x 3" inch strip of solid colored cardrstock and adhere it to the patterned paper, with the edge of the patterned paper lying over the edge of the cardstock strip, to create an 11" x 14" inch background.
  3. Using the Fuse, place the uninked letterpress plate into the die, top with white cardstock, and create 4 diecuts.
  4. Lay your trims on the background followed by the 4 diecuts to determine the placement and spacing between them. Using a Fiskars acrylic ruler, center the 4 diecuts on the background and adhere them.
  5. Adhere the trims.
  6. Print the letters for the word HOME (my letters are 1.5 inches tall) in reverse on white cardstock and cut them out using Fiskars Microtip Detail Scissors. Adhere them to the inner corners of each of the 4 diecuts.
  7. Add a punched border along the bottom, punched hearts to the bottom trim piece, and a small punched butterfly to the letter "O."
  8. Using the Fiskars For the Birds stamp set and black stamping ink, create a small banner from white cardstock. Adhere it to the bottom of the 2 lowest diecuts.
  9. Place the finished piece in the frame and it is ready to hang.

Supply List

1 sheet white cardstock
1 sheet other colored cardstock
1 sheet coordinating patterned paper
12 inch x 4 inch scrap of patterned paper for punching
12 inch lengths of crocheted trim
black stamp pad
frame with 11 x 14 opening