Kitty Paw Frame

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Kitty Paw Frame

Did you know that you can make an easy magnetic picture frame with a die cut?

The Fuse Creativity System® die cuts are perfect for this project!

Start with the frame embellishment created with the Fuse. Use a Fiskars 1/8? circle hand punch to make two holes in the top center of the frame.


Next, thread a decorative ribbon through the holes. Either thread the ribbon from the back to the front and tie ends in a bow or thread them from the front to the back and through again to create the same look as in this finished example.


Cut a piece of vinyl or plastic to size and affix it to the back of the die cut to create a picture pocket.


After creating the pocket, add a self-adhesive magnet on each side of the die cut (the back side).


You will then be able to add a photo in the pocket and hang the frame on any magnetic surface.