Halloween Monster Treat Bags

Flip-top monster boxes are a super cute way to house Halloween treats.


Holidays are a special time for food, fun and, most importantly, family. When you’re crafting your next holiday celebration, try some of our unique projects to make it truly unforgettable for all of your friends and relatives. Our crafting experts will show you everything you need to know for creating seasonal decorations, unique cards, holiday parties for both kids and adults and so much more. The next time a big day comes around, show your whole family how special the time you spend together is by crafting an expression of love.  

New Year’s Eve Party Décor

New Year’s Eve Décor

Set of Love Note Mini Cards

Kids Crafting – Sweetest Friend Lollipop Holder

Thanksgiving Place Setting

Thanksgiving Kids Table

Veg Out this Thanksgiving

Heart Frame Card

Halloween Banner

Halloween Candy Wrappers

Halloween Thank You Cards

Halloween Tray and Party Decor

Coupon Gift Book

Holiday Treat Bags