Easy Handmade Ornaments for Kids

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Childrens Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are a perfect time to get children involved in not only making ornaments, but making gifts too.

cutting strips

1. Start with a set of 6 styrofoam balls. Cut strips of white tissue paper.

applying glue to styrofoam ball

2. Using an egg cup to help balance the styrofoam ball, mix some white glue with a small amount of water and paint on the tissue paper with the white glue mixture. Build up several layers of tissue paper, with a generous spreading of glue.

paint styrofoam balls

3. Leave the glue to fully dry for a couple of hours. Inserting a wooden cocktail stick through the styrofoam to create a useful handle for stamping or painting.

paint drying

4. We left the painted ornaments to dry by inserting a second wooden cocktail stick and balancing them over some large cups.

stamping sentiments

5. Once the paint is dry, put some finishing touches on the ornaments. Using Teresa Collins Christmas Simple Stick or Twas the Night Before stamp sets for sweet sentiments, as well as more paint and metallic markers.

adding ribbon

6. To hang the ornaments, fold over a loop of decorative ribbon and attached it by inserting a pin through the ribbon and into the styrofoam, securing it with a dash of glue from a glue gun.


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Supply List

Styrofoam Balls
Tissue paper
White glue
Wooden cocktail sticks
Small length of ribbon