Clay Gift Tags

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Clay Gift Tags

Clay gift tags are just plain fun to make!

Working with clay always takes me straight back to childhood and is a relaxing break from the rush of the holiday season. These tags are easy to make, functional, and decorative. They add a homemade touch giving wrapped packages some personality.

You can use stamps,


or your Fuse letterpress plates,

Fuse plates

or texture plates.


Here’s how to make some of your own.

1.  Condition oven-bake clay per instructions.  

2.  Roll out clay on protected surface with acrylic roller.

3.  Place desired texture tool onto rolled clay (first sprinkle with water to avoid sticking) and press or roll evenly.  Be sure to clean any clay from tools right away.


4. Cut out tag using a cookie cutter (dedicated to clay) or trace a shape template using a toothpick.

cutting out clay tags

5. Bake tags according to package directions.

6. Once cooled, drill a hole into each tag using a craft drill on a protected surface. You can alternatively add a hole prior to baking using a straw or toothpick. Sand any areas needed.

drilling a hole into the clay tag

7. You can leave tag as is, or you can add paint to make the texture stand out even more. Here I added some white acrylic paint into the grooves and removed excess paint from ridges with a paper towel.

And if you happen to have any leftover white clay, here’s a cute bonus tag. To make a candy cane, roll a small section of white clay into a “log” and form into a candy cane shape as shown.

Place the ‘Lines’ texture plate diagonally onto clay and press lightly

Place the ‘Lines’ texture plate diagonally onto clay and press lightly. Remove and bake according to package directions.