Crafty Gift Toppers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Crafty Gift Toppers

I know that lots of people dread the chore of wrapping gifts...but I love it!

I find it hard to spend money on gift wrap when I have so many great crafting tools at my fingertips, so I compromise.

I use neutral gift boxes and gift wrap, and then create fun gift toppers to dress them up. For this project, I also created a simple kraft pillow box with the Fuse Creativity System®. With this simple box, I'll never run out of options for small gifts.


The new Intricate Shape punches will help you to add a lot of pizzazz to your presents, too!  


Holly Leaf Topper
For this topper, I used Fiskars Floral Frenzy Intricate Shape punch. I carefully cut the petals apart in pairs, and then layered to create a holly leaf. Adhere berries with foam adhesive for dimension. I used a pearl stick pin for a bit of extra holiday charm.


Paper Pom-Pom Topper
For this topper, I used Fiskars Daisy Mae Intricate Shape punch. You can make this topper as "dense" as you'd like by adding additional punched shapes. Fold each shape in half, and adhere to each other on once side. When the topper is as full as you'd like, adhere the bottom shape sides to your base.