Dimensional Holiday Ornaments

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate


Dimensional Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments are made easily with help from your Fuse Creativity System®!

For the past few holiday seasons, I’ve made ornaments similar to these using hand squeeze and lever punches. Once we were introduced to the Fuse Creativity System, I knew it would be the perfect machine for this project. Before, I punched out one shape at time. Because the Fuse is such a heavy-duty machine, you can cut multiple shapes with one pass, which reduces the production time substantially, and allows you to use heavier cardstocks and glittered papers too.

All of the ornaments are constructed the same way, and you can use any Fuse die that’s a symmetrical shape.   

Begin by selecting your die and papers.

Cut, or cut and emboss several shapes using your Fuse.  For smaller dies, cut a total of six to seven shapes. For larger ones, you’ll need ten to twelve.
For the first ornament, I chose a soft, solid metallic paper, which worked well with the embossing plate and the die.    

cutting out embellishements

Once you’ve cut all your shapes, fold them each in half with the patterned or embossed side facing in. Crease the folded edge.   

Lay out your folded shapes in a row, with the crease on the left.  Apply paper glue to each side facing upward, and stack your shapes together, making sure all the edges align. Squeeze the stack together and hold for a few moments while the glue sets.

folding the embelishments

Cut a length of string measuring nine inches, fold it in half and tie the ends in a knot.

Fold open the ornament and place it on your work surface so the “spine” of the shape (the part of the ornament where the creased sides were joined) faces upward. Run a line of hot glue down the spine and lay the string in the glue with the knot at the bottom of the ornament. Allow the glue to cool.

Apply paper glue to the right side of the shape and join it to the left side. Pinch closed for a moment while the glue sets.  

adjoining the embellishments

It’s a simple process - just punch your shapes, fold them, glue them back-to-back, glue a string in the middle, and glue closed.  The steps are all the same, but your results can really vary depending on the shapes and papers you select.  

Using the circle fuse design set

The circle die makes a nice round ball.

using the wavy frame design set

With this fun frame shape, you can punch out two ornaments at once.

using the mirrow design set

This shape creates a long, elegant design.

Finished ornaments

The possibilities are endless!

Supply List

Patterned papers
Glittered papers
Glue stick (for paper)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks