Holiday Thank You Cards

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Holiday Thank You Cards

With the holidays behind us, I find that I’m in need of a few handmade thank you cards. I’d like to share with you a trio of winter themed thank you cards for any occasion that show how a mix of Fiskars Lever Punches, Squeeze Punches and Stamps can be used in creative ways.


Snowman “Thanks So Much” Card Instructions:

1. Cut a 2.5 inch by 3 inch piece of red cardstock and use the Snowbubbles Border Corner Punch around the edges – for the narrower sides, I used the corner only and for the longer sides, I included the edge portion of the punch as well.


Use 3 Circle Hand Punch sizes for additional circles to fill in the small gaps on the narrow ends of the rectangle. Also, I set aside the red cardstock circles to use on my next card.

2. Mat red punched frame onto white cardstock of the same size and then on black cardstock that is 2.75 by 3.25 inches.

3. To create the snow “girl”, punch 2 circles from white cardstock using the Pop Up Punch and Medium Squeeze Punch. Use the Circle Hand Punches and the Heart Hand Punch to create eyes, buttons and a heart. Adhere black and red cardstock to the back of the white circles for color to show through the negative spaces. Then adhere the snowman in the center of the red punched frame.

4. Punch a Medium Lever Heart shape from orange cardstock, cut off the end to create the carrot nose and adhere to the face.

5. Use the Snowbubbles Border Corner Punch on a scrap blue pattern paper, then adhere the largest snowflake to the top of the head.


6. Cut a 5 inch by 6 inch piece of blue pattern paper for the background and adhere it to the front of a white cardstock card of the same size. Then adhere the framed snow “girl” an inch below the top using with adhesive foam.

7. Stamp the “Thanks So Much” sentiment onto white cardstock and cut out with scissors. Punch a heart using the Heart Hand Punch on the right, cover the back with a small piece of red cardstock and adhere this below the rectangle again using adhesive foam.

8. Apply glitter glue to the blue snowflake, the hearts and the white snowflake negative spaces to complete.


Winterberry Wreath “Thank You” Card Instructions:

1. Create a 5 inch by 7 inch white cardstock card.


2. Punch 7 Tree punches from brown cardstock, apply adhesive to the back and adhere them in a circle in the center of the card.


3. Punch another 7 Tree punches, cut off the trunks and apply these between the spaces of the first layer.

4. Adhere the red cardstock circles created from the snowman card around the wreath’s branches.

5. Stamp the “Thank You” sentiment in the center of the card with brown ink to complete.


Cardinals “Thank You” Card Instructions:

1. Cut a 6 inch piece of blue pattern paper and adhere to 6 inch square card from white cardstock.

2. Using the Ultra ShapeXpress Tool with the freehand attachment or scissors cut a wavy section of white pattern paper to create the snowy ground and adhere to the bottom area of the card.

3. Cut 2 ovals from the Oval Shape Template, layer and adhere just above the ground.

4. Freehand cut a tree trunk from brown pattern paper and adhere on top of the snowy tree and ground.

5. Squeeze Punch Clouds, cut them in half and adhere only the tops to the background sky.

6. Punch a snowflake and adhere just under the clouds.

7. To create the cardinals, Squeeze Punch an Extra Large Oval and with the Large Oval at an angle, punch out a portion of the larger oval. Trim off one tip to create the tail.


8. Use the Heart Lever Punch to create the beak and wing, then add a black mini brad for an eye. Adhere the birds to the tree and ground of the card.

9. Using a Stamp Block, stamp the doodled frame onto white cardstock.

10. Apply black ink to the “thank you” stamp, then cover the “o” with a small piece of adhesive note pad paper and stamp the sentiment in the center of the doodled frame.

11. Lever Punch a Heart and adhere this between the “Y” and “U” then cut out the frame with the Craft Knife. Adhere to the bottom right of the card with adhesive foam to complete.