Holiday Gift Toppers

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


New Holiday Gift Toppers

I’ve always felt that the way you wrap your gifts is just as important as what is inside the box. When you take the time to make a package extra special, it makes it personal and it shows you care.

Here are six different ideas to decorate, personalize and add a little “punch” to holiday packages.

Penguin Snow Globe


To create the snow globe, punch out two xxx-large circles. Cut one of your circles in half to use as the globe base. Overlap and glue the full circle to the base. Punch a “Up on the Roof Top” border along the edge of a paper. Feed the bordered edge of the paper partially into the XXX-Large circle punch, punch out your shape, and glue it on top of the globe with the border on the top.

Punch out a pair of penguins and adhere them to the globe using dimensional foam adhesive dots. Finally, glue a handful of tiny pom-poms on the bottom of the globe to create the snow. Use double-stick tape or dimensional dots to adhere the tag to your package.

Deer and Forest Topper


Begin by punching out a XXX-Large circle from a scrap of patterned card stock. Fold your circle in half with the patterned side in. Fold the circle back open to 45 degrees. Use the bottom half as your base to build a little vignette. Use your hot glue gun to attach several punched trees and a little deer or other plastic holiday figurine. Attach to the top of a vertically positioned package using double-stick tape.


Striped Christmas Ornament


To create this striped ball, take several colors and patterns of washi tape and run rows on a sheet of cardstock. Smooth the tape down, then punch a XXX-Large circle from the taped sheet. Trim your ball with stickers, bows, borders, or punched shapes. Punch a small hole at the top and thread a ribbon through to attach it to a package.


Mice Giving Gifts


Punch out a XXX-Large circle and three smaller circles or scalloped circles. Glue the three circles on the larger circle as shown to create an oblong ornament shape.

Punch out three mice and three presents. Use dimensional adhesive foam dots to adhere your mice and presents to the ornament tag.

Basket of Pears


Punch out a XXX-Large circle from a patterned card stock. Punch a slighter smaller circle out of the large circle to create a basket handle.

Punch out several pear shapes from several patterned and solid papers in shades of yellow and green. Use adhesive dimensional foam dots to attach your pears to the basket. Trim your basket with a bow.

Sewing Badge


Start by punching out a XXX-Large circle from a heavy card stock. Cut a six inch length of grosgrain ribbon. Cut a “v” notch from one of the ribbon ends. On the other end, glue the large circle. Attach a wooden spool and a few buttons to the badge using a hot glue gun. Punch out a mouse and a pair of scissors and attach them to the badge using dimensional adhesive foam dots. Add a sticker or two with a holiday sentiment.

Now, don’t stop with this season. Try using your non-holiday punches to dress up packages for birthdays or any other occasion!

Supply List

Assorted patterned, glittered, solid and holiday-themed sheets of card stock
Adhesive foam dimensional dots
Double-stick tape
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Washi tape
Holiday stickers or rub-ons
Holiday stickers and rub-ons