Recycling to Make Gift Wrapping

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Recycling to Make Gift Wrapping

Recycling papers and bags to wrap your gifts!

For this holiday season, instead of buying rolls and rolls of gift wrapping paper, try recycling things that you already have at home to decorate those gifts. As a paper crafter, we all have tons of pretty papers and embellishments at home already. So why not pull out our crafting supplies and make some recycled paper look gift wrap worthy?

For a simple, yet pretty gift, use recycled old newspaper to cover your entire box. Then punch a couple of shapes from patterned papers and layer them over a paper doily. As a finishing touch, tie a piece of yarn or twine around the box.

use recycled newspaper
completed gift wrap

If you are looking for fancy, yet simple look, first wrap your gift with some brown paper grocery bags.


Cut the handles and bottom off the bag, and use it to cover your gift box. Then to jazz it up a bit, add some glitter. I used regular white liquid glue here, and added tiny dots to form a grid.

Cover the adhesive with glitter, and it instantly adds a pop to the paper.

add glue dots to adhere glitter

Top it off with a sentiment and some embroidery floss in a bright color for a shiny look!

completed brown paper gift

If you need to decorate lots of boxes quickly, try this idea. Punch lots of scallops or circles from some old newspaper. You can easily punch four to five sheets of newspaper at once. Then machine stitch these shapes to form a long garland. Wrap this garland around the box two or three times for a pretty shabby chic look!