Woodland Winter Wreath

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Woodland Winter Wreath

With just a few tools from your Fiskars drawer, it’s easy to create a simple winter woodland wreath to trim your home for the holidays. 

Start by paying a visit to your favorite craft store to select your wreath. There are many styles and sizes available. I picked this light, airy pine one with tiny pinecones already attached. You could use a fresh wreath too, but in time, the moisture from the wreath could cause your paper trimmings to curl.  
Create a ribbon for your wreath by cutting several long strips of craft or butcher paper measuring a total of six to eight feet. Punch the edges of the paper strips with a border punch.  

Creating a ribbion

Dab the punched edges of the strips with ink, and dust with gold embossing powder. Heat with a heat gun to set the powder.   

heat setting gold accent

Loosely wrap the ribbons around your wreath. Attach the ends to the wreath using a hot glue gun.

loosely wrap the ribbon around your wreath

Punch fifteen plus stars from assorted cardstock and glittered papers.  
Stamp several holiday sentiments using gold ink on a dark cardstock. Cut out the sentiment and trim the tail of the strip with a chevron.  Attach the strips with glue to several of your stars.  

Cut out the sentiment and trim the tail of the strip with a chevron

Punch several birds from coordinating papers using your Fuse Creativity System Glue the wings to the bird, and add an adhesive rhinestone for the eye.  

creating bird embellishments

Randomly glue your birds and stars around your wreath using a hot glue gun. Hang your wreath, and enjoy throughout the holiday season and winter months.

randomly place birds on your wreath

Supply List

Artificial wreath
An assortment of solid, pattered, and glittered cardstock
Paper glue
Adhesive rhinestones
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Ink pad
Embossing power
Heat gun