Day of the Dead Treat Bags

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Day of the Dead Treat Bags

In the US, we celebrate Halloween on October 31st. In Latin American countries & communities, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.

Unlike our Halloween traditions, the Day of the Dead is not about ghoulish figures and scary ghosts. It is, instead, a celebration of loved ones who have died.

Rather than a somber occasion, it is a colorful and fun party that pays tribute to loved ones.

To create your own Day of the Dead celebrations, follow these easy steps:
1. Create an altar to honor friends and relatives. Include trinkets or pictures representing things that they loved. Adorn the altar with flowers (marigolds are a traditional choice) and candles.

create an altar to honor friends and relatives

Take time to gather your family around the altar and tell stories of the wonderful lives that your relatives lived. Remember, this is a time for celebration, so choose stories that capture love & happiness.

2. Prepare a special dinner of foods that your loved ones enjoyed. This is a great opportunity to prepare family recipes and explain the significance to your children. Day of the Dead meals include Mexican Sugar Skulls and decorated sweet treats that honor the dead. Traditional Mexican dishes, such as tamales, mole sauce, and enchiladas are often included.

3. Most importantly, keep the celebrations FESTIVE! This is not a time for mourning; it is a time for remembering the special people who have been in your life.
Eat, dance, tell stories, and HAVE FUN!

prepare colorful treat bags to hand out

4. Day of the Dead celebrations include a time for children to go through the neighborhood and collect treats. Unlike Halloween, children do not knock on doors. Prepare colorful treat bags to hand out. For these treat bags, I printed out a drawing of a skull.

outline of skull

5. Embellish it with Fiskars shapes (tip: to make the eyes, punch first with the Jenni Bowlin Grandma's Doily lever punch, and then carefully line up a Round n' Round punch.

making the eyes

Remember, your designs should be colorful, not somber! Day of the Dead is a time for joyous tributes to loved ones.