How to Make a Mixed Media Father’s Day Card

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner

This mixed media Father’s Day card is a great excuse to pull out all your supplies and get messy!

1. Print the word dad in a large, symmetrical font on a sheet of cardstock. These letters are approximately 2.5” high and 2” wide.

DIY Fathers Day Card Letters

 2. Turn the printed sheet of cardstock over and start painting on the reverse side. Allow one color to dry before adding more, building up fun layers as you progress.

DIY Fathers Day Card Painting

 3. Add texture by spreading gesso onto your layers of paint.

DIY Fathers Day Card Gesso Art

 4. Once the surface is dry, add stamped words in a contrasting color. Allow the ink to fully dry.

DIY Fathers Day Card Stamping

5. Cut out each letter from the cardstock, using the printed letters as a guide. Adhere each letter to a piece of self adhesive cork sheet, painted side up.

DIY Fathers Day Card adding to cork board

 6. Cut out each letter from the cork using your 6” Amplify® Mixed Media Shears

DIY Fathers Day Card cutting DAD letters

 7. With a metallic marker, add detail to the stamped words.

DIY Fathers Day Card detail

 8. Mount the letters on the front of a blank card.

DIY Fathers Day Card finished card

Supply List


Paints and Foam Brushes


Painter’s Knife

Self Adhesive Cork Sheets

Ink Pad


Faber Castell Artist Pen