Halloween Decorations featuring the Fall Squeeze Punches

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Halloween Decorations featuring the Fall Squeeze Punches

Halloween is an extra fun holiday to decorate your home.

Your décor can sway from super silly to extremely creepy. It's very versatile. So are your Fiskars tools! Here are some ways you can infuse handmade spookiness into your décor this Halloween season.

Decorate with Food

Halloween definitely focuses around candy! Whether for a party, school, or just to keep around the house, candy can be dressed up for Halloween fun. Here I put a spin on the classic ghost pops we made as kids. By using a white XXL men's tee I found on clearance for inexpensive material, I cut out circles sketched out with the Super Sized Circle Templates using Fabric Pinking Shears. You could reproduce the same concept using tissues and pinking edgers.

Using the craft drill to create holes in a painted block of wood, the pops have a stable place for display. I think I am probably going to be adding a moon with a flying witch to just about every Halloween project I do from now on! Love it. The limited edition Witch Craft squeeze punch made this a snap. The new Picket Fence border punch makes a spooky border!

Decorate with Photos


I am always on the lookout for new ways to display photos in my home, especially temporarily during the holidays. This spooky tree is a perfect solution! Everything is creepier in silhouette, so try creating Halloween designs in black. Simply cut the tree from the Woodland Tree shape template four times with the Ultra ShapeXpress. Fold all trees in half, removing the branch that is left over and the root that is lower, and glue backsides together. Print small photos and adhere back-to-back with colorful embroidery floss in between to hang.

Decorate the Ceiling


The ceiling is a fun place to decorate during Halloween. Unexpected things that fly in the night above are unsettling, especially in large clusters hanging from a mobile. This one I have titled the Bat Mobile, literally. The limited edition Batty for You squeeze punch made super quick work of this mobile hanging from the inner ring of an embroidery hoop.

Decorate Your Furniture


The simplest touches can make a huge impact. A few spooky eyes on your dark furniture are easy to make and easy to remove. Here I punched out XL circles and fed back into an XL oval punch to create extra creepy eye shapes. Just attach with tape, and you have a fun unexpected fun.

Look around your home to find ways to easily infuse a little Halloween fun using your crafting tools in unexpected ways. Decorations are fun to make and fun to enjoy the entire season!