Halloween Wreath

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Halloween Wreath

Dress up your door and frighten your houseguests with this gauzy, ghostly, Halloween wreath!

Wrap dyed cheesecloth around foam structure

1. Begin by dying 5 yards of cheesecloth a dark gray tone using fabric dye according to the directions on the dye package. Twist it and tie it in knots for a mottled look.

2. Once the cheesecloth is dry, pin one end of the fabric to the wreath and begin loosely wrapping it around the form. Work your way around the wreath until you reach your starting point. Anchor the end with a second pin.

Randomly cut holes in the cloth

3. Take your scissors and randomly cut holes in the cloth. Fray the ends, and make it look tattered and worn.

Add bits to the wreath like moss twigs or skeletons

4. Gather some bits to work into your wreath - like moss, lichen, twigs, bats, bones, skeletons and rats. Anything Halloween-ish or dark will do.

Tuck the bits in and attach them

5. Tuck the bits into the holes and attach them with glue or pins. I had some tiny skeletons to work with, so I glued the bones to the foam first and added some lichen and Spanish moss around them.
Next, punch a few autumn leaves out of black cardstock and add them to the wreath.

Add a halloween themed banner

6. Use your paper trimmer to cut a strip of twelve inch by one inch from a Halloween-themed paper. Use adhesive letters to spell “Happy Halloween” on the strip. Attach the strip across the center of the wreath and trim it with a few black cardstock crows.

finished halloween wreath

Supply List

Styrofaoam wreath form (10” – 12” in diameter)

4 – 5 yards cheesecloth

Gray or black fabric dye

LichenSpanish moss

Skeletons, bones, rats, bugs, or spiders


Hallowen paper

Adhesive letters to spell “Happy Halloween”

Black cardstock

Hot glue gun and glue sticks