Quick Halloween Crafts

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Monthly KidART Resolution Quick Halloween Crafts

Fall is here and it’s time to get those kiddo’s hands busy making pumpkins and goblins to satisfy that urge to play with paper and glue.


To create the jack-o-lanterns, you’ll need a sheet of orange tissue paper and a toilet paper roll.  Place the toilet paper roll, upright, in the center of the tissue paper and then bring each corner up around the roll, one at a time, and tuck into the center of the toilet paper tube. Finish off the top with a few small twigs secured with hot glue and a hand cut leaf and a punched sprig using the XX-Large Branch Out Lever Punch.

Quick Halloween Crafts jack-o-lantern

To create the jack-o-lanterns face, assemble pieces of the Petal by Petal punch together. For the eyes, you’ll need to punch through yellow cardstock twice and white cardstock twice. Use the two larger yellow petals for the eyes with the two white dots layered over top. Use one smaller yellow petal for the nose. To create the mouth, punch a circle from yellow cardstock using the Circle Lever Punch XX-Large. Insert the punched circle two-thirds of the way back in and re-punch to get the mouth shape.

Quick Halloween Crafts paper strip pumpkin

To create the paper pumpkin you’ll first need to cut 10 strips of orange cardstock to ¾” x 12”.  Find the center of the length of one strip and punch a hole using the 1/8” hand circle punch. Use that strip as a template to punch the hole in the remaining 9 strips. Punch a hole in each end of all 10 strips, approximately ¼” from the end, using the same punch. Load the center hole of all 10 strips onto a brad and spread the prongs to secure them in place. Fan out the strips so they are evenly spaced, then bend the strip upward to start forming your pumpkin. Load each of the punch holes onto the prongs of another brad, alternating opposite sides of each strip before moving to the next strip. Separate prongs to hold in place.

Quick Halloween Crafts stem detail

To create a stem, cut a piece of brown cardstock 1 ½” x 4” and roll into a log-shape before securing with adhesive. Attach to the pumpkin with hot glue or a glue dot. Tie a baker’s twine bow onto the stem and add a leaf using the Branch Out Lever Punch.

Quick Halloween Crafts lollipop ghost

To create this little goblin, you’ll need a large lollipop and some white tissue paper. Cut a double layer of white tissue paper to 8” square. Drape the double layer of tissue over the lollipop and gather just below the base. Secure with a baker’s twine bow. Use the Petal by Petal punch to create the mouth and a ¼” hand circle punch to create the eyes. Secure those details using mini glue dots.

Supply List

Toilet Paper
Large Lollipop
Large Brads
Orange Tissue Paper
White Tissue Paper
White Baker’s Twine (The Twinery)
Green Baker’s Twine (The Twinery)
White Cardstock (Bazzill)
Yellow Cardstock (Bazzill)
Black Cardstock (Bazzill)
Green Cardstock
Glue Dots
Hot Glue Gun