Sweet Halloween Treats Without Candy

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Sweet Halloween Treats Without Candy

Remember the fun of trick-or-treating on Halloween, filling pillowcases with candy, and then dump our sugary loot on to the living room floor to sort and inspect.

Create fun and festive treats without the cavity risk and enjoy Halloween without the sugar-coma!

1. Shop the $1 aisle at your craft or general store to find small notebooks & stickers. Combine with brightly colored pencils.

2. Create a childhood fun treat bag with silly putty, jacks, and other small “retro” toys. Kids will get a kick out of playing games that don’t require electronics!

game treat bag

3. Put together a DIY Halloween frame kit using leftover patterned paper and inexpensive magnetic frames.

4. Snack packs of popcorn, raisins, or fruit snacks are a great alternative to sugar-laden treats.

5. Visit the favors section of a party store for lots of great ideas for non-candy treats.

musical treat bag

6. Use your favorite Fiskars Border punches to trim cardstock & patterned paper to fold over the top of sandwich sized baggies. Staple closed & embellish!

add a skeleton embellishement