DIY 4th of July Hair Accessories

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
DIY 4th of July Hair Accessories

Does it seem like every 4th of July you are scrambling around your dresser trying to find something patriotic to wear?

Here are some simple ideas to throw together last-minute accessories for the 4th of July with tools and materials you may already have around the house.

DIY 4th of July Hair Accessories cutting star shapes for the headband

And some things, like this star headband, would be cute worn anytime of the year! It doesn’t get much simpler. Freehand-cut stars from white leather (maybe an old tote you had laying around). Fiskars’ Amplify® Mixed Media Shears make cutting leather and other thick materials easy. Hot glue three to five stars onto an elastic headband and you are patriotic-ready.

DIY 4th of July Hair and Nail Ideas

Another easy way to add patriotic fun is by adding stars to your nails. It is such a simple way to get a custom look without requiring much skill.

DIY 4th of July Nails making a template for your nails

Punch small stars from painter’s tape using the Fiskars Star Hand Punch. Press the tape onto wax paper before punching so that you don’t have a problem with the adhesive gunking up the punch. The tape will peel off of the wax paper easily. Attach these mini star templates to your dried blue nails and paint over the starts with white nail polish. Slowly remove the tape before the polish dries.

DIY 4th of July Hair Ribbons decorated with stars

You can also add a little star power to some ribbons for bows just as easily as you added stars to your nails.

DIY 4th of July Hair Ribbons making the star template with the Fiskars Star Hand Punch

Punch a row of stars from painter’s tape, first adhering it to wax paper for punching as described above.

DIY 4th of July Hair Ribbon painting the stars onto the ribbon

Place the row of tape stars aligned with the center of a piece of ribbon. Using a foam brush, paint white fabric or acrylic paint through each star template, and then remove the tape before the paint dries. 

DIY 4th of July Hair Ribbons finished and attached to hair tie

Then it is as easy as gathering a collection of ribbons and tying them onto a ponytail holder. These ideas would work as well with the heart hand punch on Valentine’s Day.

Supply List



Painter’s Tape

Wax Paper

Nail Polish



Foam Brush