Fabulous Fireworks Scrapbook Layouts

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fabulous Fireworks Scrapbook Layouts

Summer celebrations often bring out spectacular displays of fireworks!

Capturing these light shows on film can be challenging - but results in festive photos to include in your scrapbooks. Read on for tips on capturing the sparks with your camera!

Note: You’ll need the ability to adjust ISO and aperture on your camera. On DSLRs, this can be achieved on the “manual” setting


Let’s start by learning how to capture fireworks in your photos.

1. Turn off your flash. It’s critical that the fireworks provide the light, not your flash!

2. Steady your camera. Ideally, you’ll want to use a tripod. Even the slightest movement of the camera will create blur. If you can’t use a tripod, look for someplace sturdy to place your camera.

3. Bump up your ISO. Adjust your ISO to at least 1600, or as high as your camera will allow.

4. Use a high F-stop. It may seem counter-intuitive to use an aperture that lets in little light (I suggest F8 or above), but you’ll be letting the fireworks really shine!

5. Use a very slow shutter speed. Think of letting your lens stay open as long as possible (some cameras have a ‘bulb’ setting that you can try).

6. Adjust settings, point, click - and step away! The key is to let your camera do the work. If you can use a remote, that’s even better! Just keep shooting as the show goes on.


For stunning fireworks layouts, keep embellishments and patterns simple, and let the photos do the talking. Remember that your photos will have a dark background, so you’ll want to keep your paper choices light and bright.

1. Start with a solid cardstock base. Trim patterned paper to 8” x 8” with your favorite Fiskars paper trimmer. Round corners. Adhere to background.

2. Round corners on photos, and arrange in a grid, leaving room for journaling strips.

punch with stars

3. Create a title border with The Stars Aligned Border Punch and Celebrate Interchangeable Border Punch. Tip: save the small stars when punching your borders – you’ll use them later!

4. Adhere title strip over center of photos.

celebrate title strip

5. Punch multiple stars to create embellishment clusters for two corners. Adhere a few with foam dots for interest. Use the small stars that you saved from your border punching to sprinkle across the cluster. Add a star stick pin with washi tape to the center of each cluster.

star cluster

6. Add journaling strips. Then you’re done!

A special thanks to Maya Road for providing embellishments!