Mod Bath Basket for Mother’s Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Mother's Day Basket

Design a basket filled with bath products for a mom with modern style!

It seems that most Mother’s Day related gifts and cards are trimmed with lace, ribbons, and cabbage roses.  These frills are fitting for many moms, but not for all.  Here’s a Mother’s Day project designed for moms with a more modern aesthetic – a personalized basked of bath goodies tailored to suit her style.

Begin by finding an assortment of bottles to fill with bath goods. These could be glass or plastic (plastic is safer in the bathroom) and any shape will do. You can find these in craft, import, or drug stores.

Select a nice mix of papers with modern patterns and one of or two of your favorite Fuse Creativity System® design sets or Extra Large Lever Punches. Use the dies and punches to create a label for each bottle.


Fuse dies


Trim each bottle label with a simple shape and use adhesive letters to label the contents of each bottle. Consider the curve of the bottle when placing the letters.


Fuse widgets with text


Use a funnel to carefully fill your bottles with lotion, bath oil, scrubs or salts. Wipe the bottles clean, and attach the labels using a generous amount of double-stick tape. 


close up of text


Create a similar label for a stack of washcloths. Bundle the washcloths with a simple ribbon, and attach the tag.


wrapped towels with ribbon and tag


Trim a box of soap using similar papers and trim with ribbon.


wrapped gift


Neatly arrange the products in a modern basket or container and present it to your mod mom on Mother’s Day! 

Supply List

Assortment of patterned paper

Several bottles or containers

A basket

Double-stick tape

Adhesive letters

A simple striped ribbon

Lotion, bath gel, bath salts, bath oils, scrubs etc to fill the bottles


Soap bar