Queen Bee Mother's Day Brunch

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Queen Bee Mothers Day Brunch

Mother's Day is the perfect time to throw a fun brunch to honor those special moms in our lives.

It's also a reason to have fun crafting! Here I came up with a "Queen Bee" theme to have some creative fun. I like starting with a theme to organize myself and to get brainstorming. The first place I usually start is the place setting as it is both functional and decorative.

For a brunch, consider giving muffins the cupcake treatment. I created a topper and wrap to turn a regular muffin festive. Since the muffins were larger than a regular cupcake, I decided to make my own pattern for a crown wrap. Trace a dinner plate onto a piece of cardstock to create a template. Then cut out the center using the Super Sized Circle Templates. Pick the size that works for the height of your muffin wrapper. Then make a cut from any point on the outside of circle straight toward the center. Wrap the template around muffin and mark cutting point (leave room for overlapping). Cut from this point straight to the center of the circle. This is your template. Trace onto cardstock and cut out. Angle a scalloped square punch as shown to create top of crown.


Mark the center of each point and punch out as shown.


Adhere together around muffin and top with an accordion folded strip of a book page or patterned paper topped with a scalloped circle center. I'll explain the bee a little further down.


Dress up regular cardstock with a honeycomb pattern to add to the bee theme.


Just sprinkle a few here and there to give that honeycomb effect. The hexagons are easy to make. Cut out several diamonds from the Flowers & Fun Shapes set using the Ultra ShapeXpress on a craft mat. Take one to make your template. Fold the top and bottom tips down 5/8 of an inch each. Cut off these pieces and you are left with a hexagon. Place this template onto each diamond to easily snip off tips.


I mentioned the bees above, which I sprinkled around the brunch. They were created from the Fleur de Lis lever punch.


Punch a Fleur de Lis from both yellow cardstock and vellum. Cut and layer as shown. Add black stripes with a pen.


Beehive wired holders are versatile here, from photo holders on the tables to food labels for the buffet.


Punch out nine scalloped ovals feeding partially into punch as shown. Fold each in half and adhere sides. Cut a piece of sturdy wire and wrap tightly around a pencil several times. Insert into center of beehive.


I figured we definitely needed some flowers for the bees. These hanging accordion circles are taken to the next level using border punches.


Run a border punch along the top and bottom of a book page (or use patterned paper cut down to size). Accordion fold, fold in half, and adhere together with a glue stick. Repeat to create four fans and adhere altogether. Hot glue a yarn pom pom to the center (just wrap yarn around two fingers, tie at center with yarn and clip loops with scissors).


Fiskars also makes a great honeycomb texture plate you can incorporate into your brunch from napkin rings to labels. Here is an example of a little clay jewelry dish I made using this texture plate that would make a very appropriate Mother's Day gift for this theme. Check out the project here on the site.