2014 Vision Board

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
2014 Vision Board

It's almost the New Year, and you know what that means - it's time to make resolutions!

Rather than jotting them down in a notebook, or a scrap of paper that might get tossed in a drawer, why not create a space to showcase your resolutions and intentions? Using a Vision Board is a great way to keep resolutions front of mind.


Choose a frame for your vision board, and remove the glass. I chose a 12" x 12" unfinished frame.

Create "french memo board" style pockets by trimming three strips of cardstock or patterned paper to 3" x 12" (adjust to the size of your frame).

Use your favorite border punch on one or more of the strips.

2014 Vision Board cardstock strips and border punch

Adhere strips to the base, overlapping slightly, and only using adhesive on the bottom edge & sides.

2014 Vision Board hexagon with text

Add categories to the bottom edge to remind you of areas that you'd like to accomplish or improve upon. I used my Fuse Creativity System® to create a subtle texture in the hexagon elements.

2014 Vision Board fuse die and cardstock

Here's the "vision" part! Grab that list of intentions, and any old magazines that you have around. Cut out photos and words that represent your goals (and your wishes!). Slide photos and articles into the pockets. Use this vision board as a visual reminder of all that you'll accomplish in 2014!

2014 Vision Board framed vision board with pockets

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