New Year’s Eve Décor

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
New Year’s Eve Décor

It is definitely hard to believe it is almost 2011!

Once summer ended, the rest of the year has been a complete blur. But I never turn down a reason to celebrate, so bring it on, New Year! Let's get our tools out and craft up a festive party for New Year's Eve.


Countdowns make a fun décor element for a New Year's Eve party, and using champagne corks brings out the toasting theme to ring in the new year! Start with a collection of ten champagne and wine corks (these can also be found at the craft store) and cut a slit at the top of each using the retractable craft knife to insert the numbers. Print out the reverse outline of the numbers using Word Art in Microsoft Word onto assorted, colorful cardstocks. Cut out each letter using the retractable craft knife on a craft mat. Punch the numbers randomly with the star hand punch and insert into corks to complete.


Hanging accordion circles have long been an easy, festive touch that adds drama inexpensively. Why not modify this party staple by turning them into clocks for New Year's? Begin by making assorted accordion circles by cutting strips of cardstock one half the width of desired circle and using scoring blade in your rotary trimmer to score each half inch. Accordion-fold along scored lines and repeat with enough strips adhered together to form a circle. Hot glue at center. Add number stickers at the 3, 6, 9, and 12. To create clock hands, trim a 3" square of cardstock and punch one corner with the Romantique corner punch. Using your trimmer, cut from the opposite corner to the design without cutting through. Repeat on other side, trim off excess, and adhere to center of circle along with a shorter version. Hang with clear thread.


Your decorations can also be practical. Enter these napkins and stemmed glass markers! Simply punching the corner of your beverage napkins with a star hand punch quickly and easily adds a custom look to an otherwise utilitarian item.

To create drink markers, stamp the clock from the Tartan 'n Time stamp set using the mini stamp press onto assorted, colorful cardstocks so each person can have their own color. Punch out with large squeeze punch and punch out center with pop-up circle punch. Cut a slit from outer edge to center to feed onto stem. Now you have solved any drink confusion in advance as well as added to your festive décor!


Consider adding décor into your festivities as well! It can be as simple as adding star punches to your hats and horn blowers or more involved projects if you have time. It's fun to throw confetti, but it can kind of be a pain. Instead, create little individual confetti packets that will make each guest feel special. All you do is cut out two stars from vellum using the star shape template and Ultra ShapeXpress and sew around edge leaving one point open. Fill with punched confetti (I chose the Rectangle punch to signify ones for the "eleven" in 2011) after stamping Celebrate from the Make a Wish stamp set using white StazOn ink.

Whether you add tradition party décor, dress up functional pieces, or decorate your festivities, it's easy and fun to add a personalized touch to welcome in the New Year!