Penguins on Parade for the New Year

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Penguins on Parade for the New Year

March in the New Year with the Penguin Parade card!

Begin by a cutting a piece of cardstock measuring 9” x 6” with your paper trimmer. Fold in half and crease the fold.

Cut a piece of white cardstock measuring 3” x 1.75”. Use your favorite wintery border punch to punch the top edge of the rectangle.

Center the white rectangle a half-inch from the top of the card and attach using double-stick tape or paper glue.

Fuse Creativity System® to create the calendar embellishment. Next, adhere just beneath the punched border edge.

Stick your “2013” stickers at the top of the calendar.

Punch out three penguins using your “Chill Out Squeeze Punch”. Attach your penguins along the bottom of the card using double-stick adhesive foam as pictured.

Print or stamp a few New Years sentiments on card stock, and cut them out into strips measuring ½ inch high. Cut a “V” notch from the end of each. Attach to a ball or boutonniere pin using a hot glue gun.

Once the glue has cooled, insert the flags into the foam adhesive that attaches the penguins to the card.

Supply List

Charcoal gray cardstock

White cardstock

“2013” stickers

“Happy New Year” stamp

Ball-head or Boutonniere pins

Double-stick tape

Paper Glue

Double-stick adhesive foam

Glue gun and glue sticks