Date Night Ideas Box

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Date Night Organization Box

Make a fun box and make plans to spend time for each other…

As parents, it often feels that there is less and less time available to spend with your other half. And when you finally make some time for each other, you are probably doing the same date night routine every time.

So, why not make a pretty box to store some new date night ideas in? Make it a point to have a fixed day in the month that is reserved for a date night and try out a new idea each time.

I started this project by covering a plain cardboard box with 3 coats of black acrylic paint. I then painted a design on the front of the box using a fine tip brush and some gold acrylic paint.




Next, I die cut a piece of dark brown cardstock using the Fuse Creativity System. I then added the words 'date night' using some bright foam thickers.


Box with Fuse widget


Inside the box, I added a few date night ideas: some fun and simple things that I wanted to try. Both my husband and I like to eat out, but lately we just go to same few handful of places. So my first idea was to "try a new cuisine and a new restaurant".


Box with Date ideas


Here are a few other ideas to get you started:

  1. Have an at-home candlelit dinner.
  2. Choose a new hobby and spend an evening making something.
  3. Read a book together and discuss the book at your date.
  4. Recreate your first date.

Once you start thinking of ideas, I am sure you will find many you would like to try! I also kept a small notepad and a pen in the box itself, so that I could add an idea whenever I thought of one. These ideas don’t have to be expensive. And to make sure this is fun for my husband too, I asked him to write and add ideas of his own.

Supply List

Cardboard box





Acrylic paint