Easy Ways to Applique a Valentine’s Tee

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Easy Ways to Applique a Valentines Tee

Here are some easy ways to embellish plain tees for Valentine’s Day.

The first method is to create some extremely simple heart shape elbow patches. This is particularly cute for boys who want to go for a cool, understated Valentines look.

Simply cut out two hearts from felt. I used a shape I printed on the computer to cut around, pinned it to the felt and cut it out twice.


Next, sew the patches to the elbows of a tee. I sewed mine on my machine, but if the sleeve opening is too narrow on your tee, I recommend hand-stitching it, or even using a fabric adhesive.


The second method is a freezer paper stencil applied to the front of a tee and painted in various colors.


Start by drawing your design. For ease, I did this on my computer and printed it out, but you could also do it by hand. If using the printer method, cut one sheet of freezer paper 8.5” x 11” and iron to a sheet of regular printer paper, with the shiny side of the freezer paper adhered face down on the printer paper.

Print your design on the freezer paper and peel the freezer paper away from the printer paper and lay it on your cutting mat. With your craft knife, cut around the heart shape lines.


Next, remove the biggest heart, and iron the remaining pieces to the front of the tee.


Carefully paint your first color and allow to dry thoroughly.


Once dry, peel back the next heart shape, and paint your second color. Again wait for the paint to dry before peeling back the final heart and painting. If like me, you find that the painted edges of your hearts are not neat enough, simply cover over them with a black fabric marker.


Treat your painted tee according to the directions on the fabric paints to ensure it is color-fast.

Supply List

Freezer paper


Fabric markers