Back to School Duck® Tape Notebooks

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Back to School Duck Tape Notebooks

Using Duck Tape® to cover a simple notebook can take your journals from mediocre to marvelous in no time!

To make an elastic closure on your notebook

Cover the back of the notebook with Duck® Tape and add elastic

1. Cut 1 piece of elastic the height of your notebook plus four inches, using your Amplify® Mixed Media Shears.

2. Place the two ends of the elastic on the back cover and avoid putting a twist in the elastic.

3. Place one Duck Tape® sheet over the back cover of the notebook, sealing the ends of the elastic in place.


To decorate the notebook

Cover the front of the notebook with Duck® Tape and trim making sure not cut the elastic

1. Cover the front of the notebook using a second sheet of Duck Tape®, keeping the elastic out of the way.

2. Trim the corners and edges with your Fiskars® Duck® Edition Detail Scissors.

To make the circle ‘cut out’ effect

Cutting circle using Duck Tape® and add stamping detail

1. Cover your notebook with Duck Tape® or Duck Tape® sheets.

2. Next lay three strips of Duck Tape® together on a protected work surface or cutting mat.

3. Overlap the edges slightly so that the three strips form one piece.

4. Trace a circle shape onto the tape and cut out using your Fiskars® Duck® Edition Detail scissors.

5. Stick the circle to the front of your notebook and add text or stamp detail. 

To make the geometric design cover

Cover the notebook with Duck® Tape and decorate with random geometric shapes

1. Place strips of Duck Tape® over the front cover of the notebooks to make a plain background.

2. Use your Fiskars® Duck® Edition Detail Scissors to cut triangles from contrasting Duck Tape® and stick to the front cover.

To make matching pens

Covering-pens with Duck Tape®

1. Simply cover a straight sided pen with a length of Duck Tape® and trim to size.

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