DIY Duck Tape® Locker Pockets

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
DIY Duck Tape Locker Pockets

These sturdy little Duck Tape® magnetic pockets are easy to make and will help keep a locker organized and small school supplies and personal items handy.

Cover chip board with stripsDuck Tape®

1. To create your locker pockets, begin by covering both sides of a several sheets of chipboard with strips of Duck® tape.

2. Trim away any extra tape that goes beyond the edges with your Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors.

Use your Fuse Creativity System® to cut out several locker pockets

3. Use your Fuse Creativity System®, the Treat Box die, embossing plates, and the large cutting plate to cut out several “pockets”.  

4. Trim off the box tops/ box lids with your Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors.

Crease and assemble the locker pocket box and glue sides

5. Crease each fold, assemble each box, and glue together the sides using a hot glue gun.

Adding bling to your Duck Tape® Locker Pockets with adhesive gems

6. Add bling for embellishment and style.

Using a Fingertip Detail Knife cut out hearts for embellishments for the locker pockets

7. Cut strips of Duck Tape® and then, using your Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife cut out a few hearts to add to your locker pockets

Using the Fiskars Amplify® Scissors cut lengths of magnets to the back of the locker pockets

8. Stick lengths of extra-strong adhesive-backed magnetic strips to the top and bottom of each pocket. Or for extra hold, use a hot glue gun to adhere the magnetic strips to the pocket.

Stick your pockets inside the locker door and fill with supplies and personal items.

Supply List


Solid and patterned duct tape

Adhesive gems

Extra-strong magnetic strips

Hot glue gun and glue sticks