DIY Duck Tape® Pencil Case

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Duck Tape Pencil Case and pencils

This year, stand out with a personalized pencil case and pencils.

To make the pencil case:

Duck Tape Pencil-Case-beginning steps

1. Take two sheets of Duck Tape® and cut off about 2 inches from each one. Put pieces to the side for later.

2. Take two large remaining sheets and adhere them together – sticky side to sticky side – to create a double sided sheet.

3. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise and then add coordinating or contrasting tape to the edges and fold around to create a pouch.

4. Add any additional tape to create a pattern or design.

Pencil-Case adding the magnetic strip and covering with Duck Tape

5. Grab two magnet strips. Find which way they go together. this set aligned with one sticky side up and one side down.

6. Adhere the sticky side down magnet first and then cover with leftover tape you trimmed earlier to hide the magnet.

Duck Tape Pencil-Case-adding the extra magnet to the opposite side of the pencil case

7. Now take the other magnet and remove the sticky.Place tape overtop of the stick side. If you don’t do this, the tape could end up pulling off the paper cover and then the magnet would fall out.

8. Align the magnets and adhere the second one to the other side of the pouch.

Duck Tape Pencil Case with covered magnets and embellishments

9. Finally, add any final pieces of tape and decorate as you like!

DIY Duck Tape® Pencil Case using different styles of tape

Ideas for decorating pencils

Wrapping pencils with Duck Tape

Grab a pencil and just wrap it. Then wrap smaller pieces of tape to create flags to add to the clip.

Creating Duck Tape Flower Petals for pencils and pens

Create a flower for the clip by creating flower petals out of some double sided patterns like you made your pouch out of above. Cut out the petals in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Use tape to adhere each layer together.

Supply List

Fiskars® Duck Edition® Scissors

Duck Tape® - 2 sheets and rolls of preferred patterns

Magnet strips

Click pencils (not regular ones – won't work in sharpeners with tape on them)

Oil based permanent marker (optional)