Felt Puzzle with the Fuse Creativity System®

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Felt Puzzle with the Fuse Creativity System®

Make a fun colorful puzzle for your toddler using just felt and chipboard!

I started with these chipboard squares and covered them with a strong adhesive to adhere the felt onto it. You could easily cut these squares using the Fuse Creativity System® from scrap chipboard. I chose a rainbow of colors here so that this puzzle would be bright and fun! The felt adds a fun texture twist for the kids, but this method would work well with just patterned paper as well.


Next, I die cut a hexagon out of each of the felt covered squares.


To make sure your hexagon gets cut in the center of each block, I have a simple tip. The hexagon shape is centered on the die, so when you place your chipboard on top of it, make sure that is correctly centered on the die and it then comes out perfectly!


My initial idea was to adhere all the puzzle forms onto a piece of cardboard once the hexagons were all die cut. But I kind of liked the free squares and I think my kids will have fun lining them up differently and mixing and matching them. So I left the blocks free and stored everything in a plastic bag.


Once finished, I gave it to the kids and boy did they love it! Color, textures and shapes win!


Tip: I die cut hexagons from each of my blocks, but you could get creative and die cut a different shape from each block too.

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