Lunchbox Notes

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Lunchbox Notes

Lunchbox notes are a nice way to communicate with your child during their school day.

School can be overwhelming, so these notes can be a great reminder, comfort, or motivator. They don’t need to be elaborately designed. Here are a couple of super quick ways to send a mid-day greeting.

Sending a note right on their paper napkin pulls double duty and avoids extra waste. My favorite stamp for this is the note block from the Teresa Collins Recipe Stamps. It is small, lined, and has cute cutlery images! Just make sure you use a permanent stamping ink like StazOn so it won’t bleed if wet. Stamp a bunch of napkins in advance so they are ready to grab during busy lunch packing.


My other favorite way to add a quick note is with sticky note labels. These are perfect for a quick one or two word sentiment. Schedules get hectic, but I’ll always have time to write out a quick “smile!” to add into a lunch.


You can use the Fuse Creativity System® to turn your sticky note pads into cute little sticky labels that are easy to remove. Tear off a stack of around 20 sticky notes and run through the Fuse using the Keeping Tabs die. Be sure the sticky part of the pad is lined up inside the label design. Two sets of labels will fit on the standard 3x3 inch pads.

By preparing stacks of quick and easy notes in advance, you will have time to grab one to jot a quick note when making lunches.