Lunchbox Notes To Brighten Each School Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Lunchbox Notes To Brighten Each School Day

Make lunchtime fun by adding a personal note to your student’s lunch each day!

Using your Fuse Creativity System®, you can cut lunch box notes and have enough ready for the entire school year.

With the craziness that happens in the morning, getting ready for school and having lunches made, a nice note to your student may be overlooked. If you have the paper ready while school is in session, you will be able to add a special note to your child’s lunch to brighten each school day.

upcycled compostion book

I upcycled a slightly-used composition notebook.  Since the paper is lightweight, you can cut several (10-15) pages at once.  There are several dies from the Fuse Creativity System® that will work for lunch notes. Squares, circles, and even tags will give you just the amount of space for writing your notes after lunch is prepared.


To help spice up the mundane lunch, here are a few tips to make you a lunch box hero:
1. Tell a joke, it will always get a smile. Here is a website that posted a month’s worth of lunch jokes!

Tell a joke

2. Remind them of something fun that is going on after school. Give them something to look forward to when the school day is finished.

3. Write a compliment. So many times our kids forget what we say, but if we write it, they will remember. This could be a great boost for their day if it is not going so well.

4. Every lunch doesn’t have to include a sandwich. Pinterest has several websites for creative lunches. Here are a few sites I have used to make healthy, yet kid-friendly lunches:
- Snack Picks
- Momables
- Rage Against the Minivan

Here is to happy and  healthy lunch boxes!

floral lunch notes

To create the flower (on the lunch notes tin) you will need: 3” x 5” cards, Fuse Creativity System® Mini Design Set – Flower, Stapler
1. Cut several flowers.
2. Fold each one in fourths and unfold. This is to help give a little dimension to your flower.
3. Staple twice in the center.
4. Attach to your project.

Supply List

Notebook paper
Embellishement stickers and alphabet – Jillibean Soup