Recycled Pasta Box Puppets

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Pasta Box Puppets

Pasta boxes can be adorably recycled into puppets with personality!

Their windows serve as ready-made mouths which can inspire kids to make all kinds of creatures. 


1. Gather empty pasta boxes and remove the film front behind the window.  


pasta boxes


2. Sand the boxes so the paint will adhere well. Paint two coats of desired color allowing dry time in between.


3. Now it is time to bring them to life with punches. If there is one thing I have learned from doing crafts with my kids’ classrooms ... it’s that kids love punches! Give them a stack of assorted cardstock scraps and a pile of punches and watch their creativity blossom.


punching shapes


4. For younger children, you can punch out an assortment of shapes for them. Cutting strips of cardstock using a paper trimmer is also useful for hair, etc.


punched out shapes


5. Glue on punches to create fun characters, and glue a paint stir stick or a dowel to the back of the puppet to complete.

Supply List

Pasta boxes




Sticks or dowels

Decorations of your choice (e.g. googlie eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, popsicle sticks, ribbon etc.)