Summer Lemonade Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Summer Lemonade Party

Fuse designs are so versatile, this entire summer party was created with only one plate and die! It was easy to add lots of texture and fun to the festivities.


Beginning with the invitation, two shapes combined together with a brad make for a fun, spinning message.

  1. Using Fuse, create one yellow and orange scalloped lemonade square and one solid pink scalloped square.
  2. Print out invitation text onto lighter pink cardstock and round corners with squeeze punch; glue to center of pink square.
  3. Place both squares together and poke brad through center of lemon to connect.
  4. Add “you’re invited” paper strip to front of invite to complete.

Include a save-the-date magnet with your invitation.

  1. Format text on computer leaving room for the lemonade design at left.
  2. Press printed cardstock onto self-adhesive magnetic paper.
  3. Run sandwich through Fuse to cut, ink, emboss, and complete.

Set a festive mood at your party with a dramatic banner.

  1. Run assorted colors of cardstock through the Fuse to cut and emboss the lemonade design.
  2. Punch the top corners with a 1/16 inch hand punch to string.
  3. Add letters spelling out SUMMER.
  4. Fold more assorted squares diagonally and staple onto banner for scalloped flags.

Cupcakes are not only a party staple, they can serve as a dramatic centerpiece when adorned with whimsical pinwheels.

  1. Run assorted non-adhesive craft foam through the Fuse to create scalloped squares.
  2. Add a slit at the center with a craft knife.
  3. Cut from each corner toward center as shown.
  4. Using 1/16 inch circle hand punch, punch one side from each corner as shown.
  5. Run brad through each corner hole and through center hole to secure.
  6. Hot glue pinwheels to lollipop sticks to insert into cupcakes.

Another fun topper option is a pennant flag. Simply cut a flag from assorted lemonade letterpressed squares and adhere to toothpicks, bamboo skewers, or lollipop sticks.


Class up inexpensive beverage napkins with Fuse. Run several napkins through the Fuse at the same time without ink. Tip: Add a sheet of printer paper between the napkin and cutting mat for a clean release and impression.


Continue decorating your party with this one shape and die by adding flair to the table. Run thin cork sheets through the Fuse for matching drink coasters!


Dramatic tissue flowers are super easy and inexpensive.

  1. For each flower, cut eight scalloped squares from a single color of tissue paper. You can cut more than one flower worth in one pass.
  2. Layer eight squares together, alternating the direction each time as shown.
  3. Staple at center.
  4. Gather the first layer up to the center squeezing the bottom of layer by the staple as opposed to the top.
  5. Repeat with each layer, scrunching up at the bottom only of each layer.
  6. Fan out flower once all layers are complete.
  7. Hot glue flower to cardstock strip glued or stapled into a napkin ring.

Cut out embossed designs to further accent your party.

  1. Cut out lemon from embossed lemonade design.
  2. Punch 1/4 inch circle hand punch at center to insert straw. For thinner straws, cut an X at center with craft knife to insert.

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Cork Sheets (thin)

Tissue paper