Time to Sew!

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Time to Sew!

I always look forward to school being out for the summer (more so than my children, probably!) and the change of pace means we have the opportunity to do things together that just don’t happen when we are rushing from school pick up, to baseball, to gymnastics or singing performances.

I spend a lot of my time making things and my children love ‘helping’ me with various crafts, glue projects and sewing. Of course, I want to encourage this creativity so we put together their own sewing kit which they can delve in and out of during our relaxed summer days

We began by purchasing an inexpensive, unfinished wooden box from our local craft center and the children chose some paints to decorate it. They decided they wanted a chalkboard label on the top, so after painting our box blue, we used a Fiskars Brackets Template to paint in an area of the lid.

Using a template creat a chalkboard label on top

I wanted to make sure the sharp needles were safely stored (so that they didn’t end up on the floor!) so the children helped me make a needle book. First, I folded a cut piece of wool felt in half to make the cover for a little needle book.Next, I cut a second piece of felt slightly smaller than the cover to create the inside page, and finished the edges with my pinking shears.

Creating a needle book

I then used my letter stamps to finely stamp the word ‘needles’ onto the felt cover.

Stamp the words needle on the book for an outline to embroider

My son used the stamped wording as a template and with some embroidery floss, traced the letters with stitching.

adding needles to the needle booklet

Fiskars has a range of child friendly scissors for different craft projects. We made a little sheath for ours by simply cutting a piece of felt and folding it over. My son used my machine to stitch three sides, leaving an opening at the top.

sewing a sheath to hold your scissors
embroidery floss holders

My children love using embroidery floss because of the wide range of bright colors that are available, but it can quickly tangle and get into knots, especially in children’s’ hands. To keep the floss from tangling, I used my Pretty Scallops punch to punch a piece of cardstock and wrapped the floss around it.

additional supplies for your sewing kit

I hope that with their sewing kit ready and waiting for them on the shelf, they will find that they have most things they need to spend some quiet, happy times, creating some wonderful things this summer.

Supply List

Appropriate box – wooden or chipboard
Embroidery Floss
Sewing supplies – Pin cushion, tape measure, buttons, fabric scraps