Cute Summer Snack Ideas

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Cute Summer Snack Ideas

It doesn’t take much to turn an everyday snack into something a little extra special. It is great to see how quickly you can add fun to food using paper scraps and punches!

Crab Sandwich Decoration

A simple sandwich roll comes to life as an adorable crab by just adding the simplest eyes and pincers using basic punches. For the eyes, punch two black circles using the 1/4 inch Circle Hand Punch and two white circles using the Circle Pop-Up Punch. Layer the circles together and adhere each eye to a toothpick.

Crab eyes and claws decorations for sandwiches

The pincers are just as easy to make. Punch two red ovals using the Oval ‘n Oval Again XL Squeeze Punch and freehand-cut a curved “V” from one side of each.

Adhere the pincers to toothpicks as shown so they can be inserted into the rolls at an angle in the front. Insert the eyes into the top of the prepared roll, and you have instant cuteness!

Cute Summer Snacks Crab Decorations

Sailboat Fruit Cups

I have three kids and often serve snacks in individual portions using small ramekins. These are easy to “summerize” by turning them into little sailboats with a paper sail.

Using the XL Circle Squeeze Punch, take a partial bite out of the edge of your paper. Feed this curved edge further into the punch as shown for a crescent shape.

Make the sailboat sail using the Fiskars XL Circle Squeeze Punch

Trim off a small piece from the bottom as shown with Micro-Tip® scissors to complete the sail shape. Adhere to a lollipop stick or trimmed bamboo skewer and insert into snack-filled ramekin.


Supply List

Paper straws


Bamboo skewers