Kids Road Trip Activity Bag

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Kids Road Trip Activity Bag

Keep the kids busy on a road trip with their own art bag full of inspiration and the essentials.

Layering 4 sheets of felt

1. To make the bag, overlap four felt sheets (standard size bought from the store – normal approx 8x10 in size) as seen here. The overlapped area will make the base of the bag sturdy.

2. Using Fiskars® Original Orange Handled Scissors, cut smaller pieces of felt, based off of the size of your personal needs – ie: size of your child’s crayon container and notebook.  

Kids Road Trip Bag making the felt pockets

3. Sew these onto the inside of the bag to form pockets.

Kids Road Trip Bag adding felt circles to the bag

4. Using the Micro Tip No. 5 scissors cut rough circles from different colored felt sheets. These circles don’t need to be perfect a rough oval shape works here. Fold the circle in half and cut out a triangle notch form each circle. Stitch these onto the front of the bag to add an organic and bright pattern.

Kids Road Trip Activity Bag finished bag with ribbon handles

5. Finish the bag by sewing on ribbons as handles.

6. Add crayons and a paper pad and the bag is ready for a road trip!

Kids Road Trip Bag complete

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