Road Trip Busy Book for Kids

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Road Trip Busy Book for Kids

Open-ended activities like this Busy Book can keep kids occupied in the back seat of a car AND spark fun family conversations!

Road Trip Book cutting the squares

1. Cut squares of cardboard, interesting magazine pictures and colorful cardstock using the Fuse Creativity System® Square Medium Die.

Adhere-pictures-and-cardstock to make the Road Trip Busy Book

2. Adhere a magazine photo to one side of the cardboard and a square of colored cardstock to the other.

Road Trip Busy Book making the front-cover

3. Create a front cover using the When in Roam clear stamp set.


4. Punch holes in the top left corner of each page using the handpunch.

5. Insert a binder ring and clip so that the book can be clipped to a backpack.

6. On each page of colorful cardstock, write some questions about the magazine photos. They might be observation questions, or more open-ended questions for older children.

Road Trip Busy Book for Kids clipped to a backpack for traveling

Supply List


Colored Cardstock


Adhesive and Brush

Binder Ring and Clip

Ink Pad