Spanish Flash Cards

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Spanish Flash Cards

Did you know that September 15th kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month? This month-long celebration is a great time to share a few basic Spanish words with your kids. Learning a new language can be fun!

Hablas Espanol? (Do you speak Spanish?)

Thirty-five million US residents aged 5 and older spoke Spanish at home in 2009. Wowsa! In both the US and Canada, Spanish is the most popular foreign language to learn.

Spanish-immersion programs in schools are growing in popularity.

Choose themes to focus on.

Learning a few Spanish words and phrases will be easier if you focus on specific themes. Working on everyday words will help you to build a great foundation. Here are a few suggestions for themes:

spanish words

1. Numbers

2. Common foods

3. Colors

4. Basic greetings

5. Common phrases

Find Spanish translation resources.

There is a wealth of information on the internet to help you learn Spanish! Games, songs, and worksheets can make learning Spanish fun for you and your kids.

1. 123 Teach Me has a variety of resources

2. Singalingo is an interactive online game that will help children learn Spanish

3. Nick Jr. uses Dora to teach basic Spanish through games

Create your own flash cards.

use a few fiskars tools

Grab a few Fiskars tools, cardstock, and patterned paper, and you’ve got what you need to create your very own flash cards! We’ll even help you get started with these printable sheets:

1. Counting in Spanish

2. Colors & Words in Spanish

Encourage children to match up the cards to objects in their house. Practice the words each day before naptime or bedtime. The key to learning is fun!

match up cards to objects