Take Our Kids to Work Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Take Our Kids to Work Day

Want a terrific way to inspire your children about their future?

Why not bring them to work with you? Tagging along with Mom or Dad (or an Aunt, Uncle, or friend) is a great way to introduce your kids to the possibilities that await them. Learn more about the official Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work™ at www.daughtersandsonstowork.org. Read on for ideas on making the day even more special for your child! (tip – these crafts were created with a daughter in mind, but you can certainly modify to be son-friendly!)


Have your daughter dress up a few office supplies so that she can work with style. Use Fiskars border punches to dress up patterned paper on a file folder. Add an cute sticker label over a punched shape for a signature touch. You might even find that you want a few fun folders for yourself!


Let your daughter stake her claim to a workspace with this customized name plate. Use cardstock and patterned paper to make a large sign, then have your daughter add her name. A bit of cute ribbon on a paper clip turns boring office supplies to stylish décor!


Everyone needs a to-do list! What a great way to keep track of all the important tasks that your daughter will be assigned on her special day. To make this custom list, you’ll want to trim cardstock and lined paper to the desired size – leaving approximately 2 inches at the top of the cardstock to fold over. Use Fiskars border punches to add detail.


For an extra bit of detail, use one of Fiskar’s new Combo Corner punches to trim the lower edges of the list. It pays to be detail oriented!
These are just a few of the things that your daughter can create for her day in the office. Here’s a few more crafty ideas –

*Trim cardstock to 2 x 4 inches to create customer “business cards” – use border punches and corner rounders to dress up the cards.

*Create a custom notebook by covering a spiral notebook with cardstock and patterned paper. Use squeeze punches to add simple embellishments to the front. Tie a bit of ribbon to the binding.

*If your daughter likes to sew, help her stitch a simple tote bag to carry her office supplies in – so much more stylish than a briefcase!
Enjoy sharing your day in the office with your daughter (or son)!

*special thanks to Cosmo Cricket for providing patterned paper for this project.