Coupon Gift Book

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Coupon Gift Book

Handmade gifts can be so thoughtful, and this is an example of one that says, 'I was thinking of only you!' I created coupons for fun 'quality time' activities, visits to favorite places, and even a break from a not-so-loved chore to give my daughter for Christmas this year.

I know she will look forward to cashing every one of these in, and I look forward to doing some of them with her. As I was making the book, I realized that the coupons are also going to be a great way to embellish a scrapbook page documenting, say, our cupcake fest or the trip to Red the coupons will live on in the pages of my scrapbooks long after the fun of using them has passed. Everybody wins!


I started by creating a basic cardstock tag, used coordinating patterned papers, and kept the design simple and consistent throughout. I used punches to make the coupons appear detailed, but the punches actually kept the creative process fairly simple. I used a few different punches to create a variety of shapes for the individual coupon themes, and I consistently used the Apron Lace border punch, Seal of Approval squeeze punch, and the Medium Heart lever punch (my new personal favorite!) on every coupon to keep the design consistent.


1. Basic coupons – Cut kraft cardstock to 3 inches by 5½ inches, round the corners on one end. Cut patterned paper to 3 inches by 3 inches and adhere one inch from the top. Punch scalloped circles and borders to match patterned papers and adhere. Machine stitch.

2. Embellishing coupons – Punch designs and adhere to tags, leaving room for coupon text.

cupcake process

3. Coupon text - The title letters are stickers. Use the Non-Stick Scissors to cut the alphabet stickers to fit inside the scallop half-circles. Print coupon text and cut into strips, adhere.


4. Book cover – Cut patterned paper to 12 inches by 3½ inches. Fold the piece at 1 inch, then fold the rest over so that the cover tucks under the first fold like a matchbook. Round the top corners. Punch two holes in the bottom fold at 1 inch and 2¾ inches.

5. Assembling the book – Place each tag in the book and mark where each hole needs to be punched. Punch holes for each coupon. Arrange the coupons in the order that you want them to appear in the book and attach the brads.


6. Cover – Adhere cover card and write personal message. Since this will be a Christmas gift, I dated it December 25, 2010.

page cupcakes
page red mango