Handmade Burlap Gift Tags

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Burlap Gift Tags

Make your gifts extra special creating your own patterned paper and embellish with burlap accents.

burlap challenge tag 1

1. Create a sentiment background using a dye based ink pad to create a watercolor effect.

2. Attach the cling stamps to the Fiskars Stamp Press, ink the stamps before each impression, and starting in the lower left-hand corner, stamp a consistent pattern over the blank cardstock. The grid lines on the Stamp Press helped me to keep the pattern aligned and evenly spaced.

burlap challenge tag 2

3. After using a Fiskars rotary trimmer to cut the tags to 3 inches high x 2 inches wide, I used more stamps from the For the Birds stamp set on the tags.

burlap challenge tag 3

4. Next use a rotary trimmer, this time cutting strips of from my second sheet of cardstock to 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. You can distress the edges of the strips with your fingernail.

burlap challenge tag 4

5. Punch a hole at the top of the tag. Then make the burlap fringe by pulling out some of the threads from the piece of the material, which is simple to do since burlap has such an open weave. Follow the simple visual steps in the photo to loop the threads through a hole in the top of the tags.

burlap challenge tag 5

6. The final step is to make the burlap roses. A very quick and easy job! Use a pair of Fiskars Amplify® Scissors to cut a strip of burlap 1 1/4 inches wide and about 18 inches long.

7. Fold one long edge over and glue it down to prevent unraveling of the burlap. This will be the edges of the petals. Starting from one short end, begin rolling the strip, gluing along the bottom edge as you go. Be sure to keep the top loosely wound and create small folds periodically as you roll, gluing those down as well. If the rose reaches the size you like before you finish rolling, just cut off the rest of the strip. Glue the roses to the tags, stick them in a little basket, and you have some sweet gift tags or thinking-of-you cards ready on a whim.

burlap challenge tag finished

Supply List


Ink Pad


Glue Gun