Handmade Gift Series: Leather Cell Phone Pouch

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Dotty cell phone case

Running leather through the Fuse Creativity System® with the letterpress plates enables you to emboss beautiful textures and designs onto your work.

To create these textured cell phone pouches, start by working out what size you need to cut your leather to accommodate your cell phone. Since all phones vary in size, I recommend making a practice versions first, before cutting into your leather.

Measure the width and depth of your cell phone. I added an extra ½” for ease both on the length and the width. Making a practice version may seem long-winded but it will save ruining precious and expensive leather if you get it wrong!

Once you are happy with your measurements, cut your leather to size with a rotary cutter and ruler.

Rotary Cutter

Leather can be sprayed lightly with water to soften it and help prevent cracks that can appear during the embossing process.

Spray leather with water

Using the Medium Base Plate, letterpress plate and cutting mat, run your leather through the Fuse Creativity System®.

Running through the Fuse

I decided to leave a strip of leather un-embossed on my leather, so I ran it through the Fuse twice, off centering the letterpress plate each time so that one area of the leather remains untouched.

Letterpress plate

I repeated this process for the back of the cell phone pouch.

Embossed leather

To sew the front and back of the cell phone pouch together, I marked even intervals (about ¼” apart) along the three outside edges of the leather, with my stylus.

I then used my 1/16” circle hand punch to punch holes at each marked interval.

Punched holes

This enabled me to easily run a needle and twine through the holes, using a blanket stitch, to complete the pouch.

Sewing leather

With the huge variety of designs, the Fuse letterpress plates give you an array of options for your leather pouches.

Treatbox letterpress plate

Supply List

Leather off cuts


Twine or thick cotton thread