Mixed Media Art Journaling: Movie Mayhem

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Mixed Media Art Journaling Movie Mayhem

Time for your favorite movies!

With the movie award season looming ahead, I had movies on my mind while I started this months' Mixed Media Art Journaling.

I chose to document all of my favorite movies into my journal.

I started by trimming small bits of patterned papers using the Amplify® Mixed Media 10 inch shears and adhering these pieces of paper to form a pleasing collage-like arrangement.

Create a paper collage

On the other side, I marked out a grid using the Acrylic Ruler and light pencil marks. Then I used some watercolor pencils to color in these grids. I added small photos of the movie posters
and added some journaling.

Creating a grid

So for this month, here is your prompt, if you so choose to art journal with me: Try using up some of your left over paper bits to form a collage for your page!

Finished Movie Mayhem Journal

Supply List

Patterned Papers

Watercolor pencils



Chipboard stickers