Money Tree for the Graduate

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Money Tree for the Graduate

Let’s face it, most high school graduates are desperate for money to help pad their wallet as they gear up for their first year of college.

Giving money can be as easy as tucking a couple nice crisp bills in a card and calling it good, or you can step it up a notch and give the gift that is sure to be remembered – a money tree. It’s really quite simple to put together.


First you’ll need to trim a small branch or multiple branches from a bush or tree using your Cuts + More Scissors. For thicker branches you might find it easier to use a Fiskars Pruner. After you’ve found a branch or branches to form your ‘tree’, remove all the foliage and brittle twigs.


For added color and texture, wrap each branch with yarn, starting at the bottom with a small knot and working your way up the branch. As the smaller branches split off from the main branch, just work your way up the branch by wrapping your yarn to the tip of the branch and then wrap again all the way back down. Then continue on until you’ve wrapped the whole thing.


You shouldn’t have to cut and re-knot any part of your yarn once you start until you wrap your way back down to the bottom of the branch. You may choose to make them all the same color or a combination of color representing their school.


Fill a clear glass vase halfway with coins making sure the majority of them are pennies to resemble soil.


Insert branches and fill with remaining pennies. When planning the amount of money you will use overall for this project, keep in mind that depending on the size of your vase you may use anywhere from $3 - $6 in pennies. If you find your branches rather unsteady in the vase, you might consider wrapping them together at the base with electric tape or duct tape to add support.


Fold each dollar bill with an accordion fold, lengthwise, using your bone folding tool to smooth the creases.


I find it best to include somewhere between 20 to 25 bills. If you want to make your monetary gift larger than $20 - $25, then just use bills of a larger denomination. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye if you use fresh/crisp bills. Most bankers will be happy to fulfill such a request.


Pinch each folded bill in the center and fan out the ends slightly.

moneytree9 REVISED

Tie dollar bills onto the branches using a coordinating color of satin ribbon. Open up the ends of each bill completely to add dimension to the tree. Add a small amount of brightly colored silk or paper flowers and foliage with a glue gun to accent the tree, making sure not to accidentally hot glue any of the dollar bills.

Add sentiment stickers to coordinating cardstock and punch out using a variety of squeeze and lever punches. Punch each shape with 1/8” hand circle punch. String baker’s twine through hole and tie onto branches.

Supply List


Ribbon (Offray)



Hot Glue Gun

Silk Flowers with Foliage


Sentiment Stickers

Baker’s Twine

Graduation Sentiment Stickers (SRM Stickers)