Monthly Mixed Media Ideas #1

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Mixed Media bookmarks

A brand new year calls for a New Year’s resolution right? This year my plan is to try new techniques in mixed media, with one project each month.

Mixing media typically refers to any visual art that uses more than one medium. The first image that may pop into your mind when you hear the term “Mixed Media” is a canvas that combines paint, ink along with a paper collage. I will be trying my hand at making a canvas like that. But mixed media can be anything really. Just mixing paper and ink too. During the duration of this Monthly Mixed Media series, I plan to explore these media: paper, fabric, tissue, canvas, felt, gesso, paint, chipboard, ink, thread, photo and watercolor pencils. I might also try incorporating some metal in a project. Are you intrigued yet?


To start my series, I am going to walk you through the process of making some simple bookmarks. By adding different medias, these bookmarks have so much texture and depth.


Assembled bookmarks


Start by trimming three pieces of cardstock to measure 2 by 6 inches each. I used a textured white cardstock here.


Paper trimmer


Next choose some patterned paper or journaling cards and trim them to fit onto the front of the bookmarks.


Products on table with scissors


Punch a border from Kraft cardstock. I used the Feathered Friends border punch here. Adhere this border to the bottom on the bookmarks. Next we are going to add paint. I used a basic, easily available white acrylic paint here. Drop a dollop of the paint onto the bookmark, and then give rough brushstrokes to cover the center and border of the bookmark. You want the paint to be kind of thick and uneven and the brushstrokes to show through. Then mist lightly with a paint/craft mist. I used a light brown color here.


Border punch


Here is a closer look at the process. The mist settles in the grooves of your brush strokes and adds a subtle color.




Let the paint and mist dry. This can take few minutes up to an hour, depending on your paint.


Once it has dried, use a sand paper file and gently rub the paint off the punched borders. I rubbed off the paint completely here, and that gives a rough texture to the bookmarks. Next add your papers using some narrow washi tape, and stitch into place. Punch a hole at the top to thread some twine through.


Embellished bookmarks


Add some more embellishments - some scalloped fabric, some glitter tape and stickers. I also added some messy stitching to finish them off.


Finished bookmarks


Supply List


Patterned paper

Acrylic paint


Glimmer Mist



Sewing machine

Glitter ribbon

Washi tape